Friday, January 28, 2011

Cameo Jewelry Art

Today I was searching for a shop to feature in my blog so I went to Artfire and starting browsing.  As soon as the page came up this shop just seemed to jump out at me.  I clicked on the picture and when the shop opened up, the first thing I thought was "  Wow"  .  I couldn't move for a minute because the work this shop does is remarkable.  Ok, now do I have your attention? hehehehe.  This shop goes by the name of Cameo Jewelry Art.  I can tell you all day long on how beautiful this shops masterpieces (and yes, I said Masterpieces) but without showing you pictures, you will never believe me.  So here are some of my favorites, and believe me there are more than just a few that I truly love.

 This piece is the one that caught my eye.  The description that they have on this piece is 
Fine Horse Cameo Ring Agate Sterling Silver Jewelry"
In reading the information on this beautiful piece, it is carved out of Black Agate.  
 Here is a side view of the same ring.  The band is just as exquisite as the cameo.

Then I just barely got to the second page of their shop and this gorgeous piece grabbed me (it was really hard leaving the first page but I had to see more).  They have this piece listed as "  Butterfly Cameo Pendant".  Now, need I say more?  Actually I can "  AAHH"

Ok, one more.  Here is this beautiful Swarovski Pink Rose Cameo Pendant and Earrings. 

I don't think I have to say anything else except that if you don't visit this shop, you will miss so much more that I just can't explain them all.