Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Almost Done!!!

I have been working on a custom order quilt for almost two months now.  This quilt is a king size and it's a Celtic style quilt.  I first started out looking for Celtic crosses and knots because my customer wanted two crosses in opposite corners and the knots in the other two in the "stained glass" look.  In the center of the quilt is a large silver cross with a Claddagh aroun the top of the cross hanging down in front of the cross.  This is also "stained glass" method.  All I have left to add the bias tape to is the center cross.  Tomorrow, hopefully, I can complete the embroidery on the front then I can quilt it.  I will post pictures once I have finished and delivered it. So keep checking back if you want to see what I have put together.   


2kutekreations said...

I love your work.

Majestic Blue said...

Thank you so much Rose. Last one for a little while. Have new projects lined up though.