Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yanni Truth of Touch Review

I've been given a project to write about a well know musician.  His name is Yanni.  The type of music he plays is listed under different types, one being New Age.  I personally found out about Yanni when I was injured during a call I was sent to (I use to be a police officer).  I can't remember what exactly happened but I had to go to therapy.  My therapist took me out on several occasions to run (I think I injured my knee but that has been over 15 years ago) to help with building up my speed.  One day she picked me up from home and she had a cd from Yanni playing in her car.  Now I had never listened to this type of music.  I was strictly a 1980's rock music girl but after listening to Yanni for the first time, I was hooked.  Yanni's music is so calming but upbeat.  The cd she had was strictly instrumental and it was awesome.  I just had to have that cd so when I was done with therapy, I be-lined it right over to a local department store and I bought my very first cd.  I have purchase 5 more cd's (2 more of the very first on because I wore them out).  I traveled from where I lived for about 30 minutes one way to visit my parents at least once a week and I played that cd over and over.

So now back to this project.  I was chosen to listen to the new cd from Yanni called "Truth of Touch" then right a review.  Now I'm going to for warn you.  I've never written a review before and I hate to say anything negative about anyone/anything.  So, I'm going to give you the negative on this cd first.  For me when I listen to this type of music, it's for me to relax by.  I don't want singing, just really good instrumentals and a good song.  Don't get me wrong.  This man has a really good voice.  I guess what I am trying to say, there really isn't a bad side to this cd, it's just personal preference.  Almost half of the songs on this cd are instrumental and the other half has words to it.  The really good thing about this cd is the instrumental songs.  Also with any other cd, there is always at least one song that just isn't your taste and this cd, there is no exception.  Now remember, this is just my personal preference.

Yanni has many different cd's out there but I think this one is one of the top three that I have listened to.  "Truth of Touch" is more "up beat" .  I recommend this for anyone that loves the type of music that you can relax to or even when you are driving.  I had to travel about a half an hour to visit my parents once a week and I chose to listen to Yanni on these trips.   It helped me to relax when the traffic was heavy and it gave me something to calm my nerves when drivers we not so considerate.  Again, this in my personal feelings on this type of music.

So to break all of this down for you....Yanni "Truth of Touch" is a cd worth investing in.   

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